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Massachusetts CE:Understanding Title and Title Issues

Understanding Title and Title Issues

2 Total hours
0 Elective hours
2 Module hours

To close successfully, the property must have a clear and marketable title.  Without it, the transaction comes to a halt.  This course focuses on property ownership and titles.  With a full understanding of titles, title defects, and resolution methods, real estate professionals can usher more transactions through the closing process. The title search is not just one more step in the transaction; it’s a crucial piece that can be successfully navigated even when title clouds appear.  We’ll look at proactive steps sellers can take to ensure they are on solid ground prior to closing, action plans for clearing up title clouds, and recommendations for buyer clients when title defects crop up during a transaction.

Course highlights include:

  • Review of property ownership types and how titles, deeds, and land records affect ownership
  • What to look for in title reports and how to resolve title defects
  • Methods for supporting your seller and your buyer clients when title issues are uncovered